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Building a strong farming community

Agriculture is the fortitude of India and virtually everyone is dependent on it directly or indirectly. It’s our responsibility to innovate in the field of agriculture and strengthen our nation.

Farming is a profession of hope! A lot of things over here are past the grower's control. In order to succeed in any field, one needs a good mentor and proper supervision. KriMitra is one step towards this direction. 

Krishine is building a powerful community of agriculture enthusiasts along with scientists and students in order to dispatch the latest advancements to our farmers operating on earth level.

Correct supervision is a principal element in the domain of agriculture and many of things could go wrong if required attributes are not known at the appropriate time. Furnishing the right amount of water, nutrients, and fertilizers at the apt time could advance an agricultural produce, but fumbling on any of these might result in cascading repercussions.

KriMitra powered by Krishine!

KriMitra powered by Krishine!

Our KriMitra

Dr . RK Katiyar


Ex Principal Scientist,

Project Director, 

NRC on Plant Biotechnology

Lt CDR CV Prakash ( Retd )


Pioneer In Indian Hydroponics,

Former CEO of Hydroponic Greenhouse Technologies 

Dr. SK Verma


Specialist in Animal Nutrition, 

ICAR Central Institute for Research on Cattle, Meerut

Dr. Virender Lather


Former Principal Scientist at ICAR

Specialist in Plant Genetics

Dr. A P Singh


Scientist, N D Univ. of Agriculture & Tech Faizabad

Dr. Ekadashi Nandi


Agronomist, Specialist in Seed Technology & Organic Farming

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